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Bagi rekan-rekan yang menginginkan website nya ditampilkan di halaman ini mohon mendaftar dilihat disini.

Daftar organisasi yang berhubungan dengan hewan kura-kura:
  • Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA)
  • IUCN/SSC - Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group
  • The Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF)
  • Chelonian Research Foundation
  • Teman Organisasi Binatang

    World Wild Fund LogoPeta Logo

  • IUCN Red List:
  • TRAFFIC International
  • Lain-lain

  • emilights - Anything Lights. Humor, gambar lucu, dll.
  • Tiens. A site about health and wealth. Based on the eastern traditional medicine using state-to-the-art technology. Covers variety information about vitamins, minerals, nutrition product and health business.
  • Reiki. A site about alternative health, meditation, and spiritualism. The site is presented with information about what science has said about those various topics. Offers free and paid services globally.
  • Chronicles to Enlightenments. A story site.

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