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Fish Riddles

Riddle : Why do they call him 'Fish'? Answer : Because he cannot keep his mouth shut.

Do You Know ?

There is no terms for male and female fish, fish babies are called fry.

Law Against Fish
  • It is illegal to catch a fish with any body part, including your hands, except for your mouth in Pennsylvania, United States.
  • It is illegal to catch a fish with a lasso in Tennessee, United States.
  • It is illegal to catch a fish by throwing a rock at it. in Washington, United States.

Morphology and Physiology

  • Riddle : What side of a fish has the most scales? Answer : The outside.
  • Riddle : What do you call a fish with no eye? Answer : FSH!!!!
  • Riddle : How do you stop a fish from smelling? Answer : Cut it's nose off.


  • Riddle : Where does a carp get a ride at? Answer : A carp-pool.
  • Riddle : What is the fastest fish in the sea? Answer : Go-carp.(Go-cart)


  • Riddle : How do you communicate with a fish? Answer : Drop him a line!.
  • Riddle : What did the fish say when he swam into the wall? Answer : Dam!.
  • Riddle : What did the mummy sardine say to her children when they saw a submarine? Answer : Don't worry, it's only a tin of people.

Diet and Habit

  • Riddle : What does a shark eat with peanut butter? Answer : Jellyfish!  
  • Riddle : Where do fish keep money? Answer : In a river bank.


  • Riddle : What do you call a deaf pike. Answer : Anything you like he cannot hear you.
  • Riddle : What do you call a pike with a gun? Answer : Sir.
  • Riddle : What is yellow and dangerous? Answer : Pike infested custard.
  • Riddle : What do you call a Shark with a rocket launcher? Answer : Anything he tells you to.
  • Riddle : What swims and is highly dangerous? Answer : A trout with a hand grenade.
rainbow-fish, rainbow-fish Copyright (M. boesemani)
Rainbowfish (M. boesemani)
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Kinds of Fishes

  • Riddle : What is the richest fish in the world? Answer : A goldfish
  • Riddle : What kind of fish has two knees? Answer : A tunee fish. (Two knee)
  • Riddle : What fish are musical? Answer : Tuna fish.
  • Riddle : What is the best fish on ice? Answer : A skate.
  • Riddle : What kind of fish do you find in a bird cage? Answer : A perch.
  • Riddle : What has big sharp teeth, a tail, scales, and a trunk? Answer : A pike going on holiday.

Distribution and Conservation Status

  • Riddle : If fish lived on land, which country would they live in? Answer : Finland.
  • Riddle : Where do fish sleep? Answer : In a river bed.
  • Riddle : Where do fish wash? Answer : In a river basin.
  • Riddle : What kind of bar do fish go to? Answer : A sand bar.

Cultural Beliefs

  • Riddle : Why did the fish blush. Answer : Because it saw the sea weed.
  • Riddle : How do you kiss a pike? Answer : Very carefully.
  • Riddle : Why are fish smarter than mice? Answer : Because they live in schools.
  • Riddle : Why are some fish at the bottom of the ocean? Answer : Because they dropped out of school!.


  • Riddle : Why couldn't Tommy ride a bicycle? Answer : Because he was a gold fish.
  • Riddle : What fish terrorises other fish? Answer : Jack the Kipper.
  • Riddle : What should you do if you find a shark in your bed? Answer : Sleep somewhere else.
  • Riddle : What kind of sea creature eats its victims two by two? Answer : Noah's shark.
  • Riddle : What whizzes along a riverbed on three wheels? Answer : A motor-Pike and a side-Carp.
  • Riddle : What do you do with a blue whale? Answer : Try to cheer him up!
  • Riddle : What do you call a baby whale that never stops crying? Answer : A little blubber.
  • Riddle : Where do whales get weighed? Answer : At a whaleweigh station.

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